On Location Mobile Hair and Makeup Studio Frequently Asked Questions

 We have two mobile studios and full service 5,000 square foot salon located in Sterling Heights. We have many amenities such as a wedding room, an exterior patio and plenty of free parking for cars or limousines.

For brides that prefer on-location hair and makeup services, we have two mobile salons.  Our mobile salons offer a total salon experience on location.  We have the proper lighting and equipment for professional services on location.  The start of your day will be handled by professionals in a professional setting.  To assure the highest standards in the industry we never sub contract out services. All of our stylists are employees of Studio 9 Salon and are and licensed by the State of Michigan.  We are a licensed Salon with the State of Michigan. We are not a provider who works out of the trunk of a car assuring our dependability.

Will you provide on-location hair and makeup services without your mobile salon? No, we developed these on location units just for the wedding industry.  Providing hair and makeup services in a private home or hotel room to a wedding party is unprofessional, difficult and usually unorganized. The exact setting for the start of your day that we want to avoid.

I have a stylist that I have been with for years. Can she do my hair? In most cases yes. We understand the bond between a bride and her stylist. Our conditions are that only the bride may bring in a stylist and any services performed will be only for the bride. Such arrangements must be agreed to in advance in writing between Studio 9 Salon, the bride, and the stylist.

What is a booking fee? The booking fee is the amount that you pay for the Mobile Hair and Makeup Studio. Services for each one of your guest are billed separately for each service provided. Booking fees are paid in advance to reserve the Mobile Hair and Makeup Studio for your date. In many cases, the booking fee is about the same cost as contracting a limousine service to transport your wedding party to the salon. We have a large and a small bus so we can fit anyone's budget or bridal party size.

If I change plans is the booking fee refundable? Yes, if the cancellation is within 90 days of the scheduled date.

How far will you travel? Your booking fee includes up to 50 miles one way from our Sterling Heights location. Additional miles can be purchased in advance at $1.00 per mile.

What happens if my guest is no show or late?  We will contact you 7 days prior to your date for a final head count and services requested.  Since we book and staff the Mobile unit based upon your party requirements you will be responsible for no shows or changes in services.  Our policy is no different than wedding suppliers such as halls and caterers. Guest more than 30 minutes late will be considered no-shows and may not get the services reserved.  Late or no show guest will still be charged for services.

You charge the same amount for hair and makeup services for the bride as the wedding party. Will I get special treatment on my wedding day?  Yes, of course, this is YOUR day. You have made the decision to bring your wedding party to us. We do not believe in charging the bride extra when she has brought her complete wedding party to us.

How do hair and makeup trials work? We ask that you schedule an appointment in our  Sterling Heights Salon for your trial. Try to have some photos of hair and makeup ideas so we can come up with a plan for you. We will have the stylist that will be designing your hair in our mobile salon also do your trial. That will provide a comfort level with the same stylist on your wedding day. We are open seven days a week so it's easy to accommodate your busy schedule.  Our recommendation is to have your hair and makeup trial used at your shower or other events. We also have a large stock of "wedding bling" for hair and jewelry applications for you and your bridal party.

Do you offer discounts for other services?  Yes, we will offer you and your wedding party 10% off all in- salon services within 10 days of your wedding date. These services include color, cuts, nail, pedicure and waxing services. Discounts exclude services on the wedding day.  We offer complimentary snacks and refreshments for wedding parties that book a wedding with us and plan a pre wedding salon party with us.

How many stylists/makeup artist do you send for my wedding party?  Each wedding event is staffed based on the number of your party and services you will be requiring. We generally staff for between 2 and 4 guests per stylist. Many factors play into this and it will be discussed at the time of booking your wedding.